Friday, May 11, 2018

Beware of the Nightmare...

Hi there, today I made a non-chronological report. "What's a non-chronological report Mika?" Well I'm glad your asked. Let's split the word into two words. Chronological means time order. Mix that with non and you get non-chronological report meaning non time order. I learnt that all reports aren't in time order. What I found difficult was switching from storytelling to reports writing about facts. Here's my non-chronological report here about Nightmares. I hope this post helped you learn what non-chronological means. And how to write a non-chronological report.

The Nightmares

This document will be about facts about the dreadful Nightmare.
This includes what Nightmares eat, drink, lives and so much more. This is made for mostly how
dangerous Nightmares are and how to avoid Nightmare attacks.  


This mysterious creature’s appearance is unknown. But one photo shows menacing green glowing eyes
and humongous wings towering over trees. Scientists have noticed that every time a Nightmare attack
occurs, there were deep cuts in corpses. This shows that Nightmares may have long claws or spikes
on their tails. Some scientists hypothesized Nightmares might be a type of bird or even the last species
of dragons.


Nightmares live in dark habitats like caves. This is because a trick called camouflage, a animal adapt to
the surroundings take chameleons for example, chameleons change color depending on the habitat. As
the sun sets in the horizon, Nightmares dwell out of their caves hunting in the night.


Human flesh is what Nightmares prefer. If their hunt isn’t successful, they would dig out graves and eat
the dead. Nightmares sometimes swallow rocks to digest the meat. They are also cannibalism meaning
that Nightmares eat their own kind. Harry Brown was the first one to see Nightmares eating their primate.
Love is painful, literally.


Some scientist has found markings on cave walls created by Nightmares. They describe it as swirls
filling empty walls. Scientist's hypothesis are that maybe Nightmare mark their territory. Others say
that maybe Nightmares has the ability to communicate. Nightmare’s weaknesses are unknown, legends
says there's a sword called “The Break of Dawn” that all Nightmares fear. Most say it’s not true, but
some say it might be the only thing to stop Nightmares from destroying towns and cities.

How to Avoid Attacks

Almost no one can escape a Nightmare attack, but here is some tips to help you avoid attacks. If you
have a basement, go in there. People who hinds in basements, there risks of dying lowers down from
75 percent to 60. Live in the edge of a city or live far away from a city. Nightmares attack in the middle
of the city, the would rarely attack the edge or wonder off finding a house in the middle of a paddock.


Nightmares appearance are unknown, and live in dark caves. Nightmares likes eating humans. Make
swirls in caves and weaknesses are unknown. How people avoid Nightmare attacks is by living in the
edge, alone or have a basement.

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  1. Hi Mika I really like your post its so interesting and I hope you do more like it. last year I write something like this but we had to make a whole report on it.I really like your post again and can't wait to read more.


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