Friday, November 9, 2018


Hi everyone, last week I went sailing. This is my recount about sailing. What a boring intro. Let's get to the point. While writing this I learnt the diffrence between a recount and a story. What I found challanging about writing this is to not make it sound like a story. Also, YAY! I finally finished something! Now, I need to work on my concultions and the end of a story. Wonder why I'm not good at conclutions. :| I can't hear anyone laughing, I'll say it louder. WONDER WHY I'M NOT GOOD AT CONCLUTIONS!

The sun rose above the horizon, bringing colour back to the world on the morning of the sailing trip. I bubbled with excitement. After continuously waving to dad behind my back, I sprinted to the gate erging Hana to quicken her pace. Seeing everyone with colourful clothes only built up my excitement. I darted around the class arduous to find Mia and the others. Soon, I found Jedi wondering around the class. As I approached, she turned around and commented about my bag. In recognition, I smiled as a thank you.

As we chatted amongst ourselves, the bell rang in the distance indicating it was class time. I joined with the rest of my class quietly settling in. After listening to the teachers: Mrs Taylor and Mrs Stratton, everyone ran for the bus like a herd of cattle. Waiting in the bus always gave me an opportunity to drown in my own thoughts, picturing myself as a hero in a story or just pondering about the day. I started blankly at the window, watching the scenery rushing by. All my excitement faded and clouded into my head as I thought and pondered.

Suddenly, someone cried ‘WE’RE HERE’ snapping myself back to reality. All the excitement rushed back in as I saw the boats and the sails laid out on the ground. As the bus stops, kids poured out of the bus rushing to the boats. The teachers instructed us to sit down and listen to Matt. His face was narrow and his eyes were tired looking. He had thin arm, thin legs and short gray hair. He explained to us how to set up the boat. After explaining, I buddied up with Mia to set up the boat since there were a limited amount of boats. Mia struggled with lifting the mast so I did the hard work while Mia worked on the little things and reminding me of all the steps because of how forgetful I am. :l

After everyone finished and after learning how to steer, we strolled to the edge of the lake. Rock made cracking sounds underneath our feet as the water jumps on land, then retreating back again and again. Willow trees stood tall and proud watching over the lake. ‘Who wants a turn’ someone shouted. Half of the class look nervous and feared. The others leaped with excitement, shouting to be volunteered.

Mia was one of the first eight to sail. The wind howled, the water roughened and the yachts quickened. As Mia docked back to land, I jumped on and sailed along the lake. I pulled the rope. I steered the boat. The wind picked up. I ducked under the sail. Everything happened in two minutes. As I headed to land. Suddenly, the wind shoved me to land. BANG! I hit to land. ‘That was close’ someone said, I didn’t bother looking. I was still recovering from everything that just happened.  I felt more confident about sailing now. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was.

Until my friend Eben had a turn. As Eben was turning the yacht, it tipped over leaving Eben in the water. A rescuer came and as Eben clambered up, he cut his leg and ankle from the motor. It looked like someone slashed him with a sword. He staggered out of the water and went back home. That wasn’t the only thing that discouraged me to not sail. So Jedi, one of my friends were docking back to land. As Jedi headed to shore, she accidentally turned the boat and was heading to some ducklings. Luckily, they escaped just in time.  

After sailing about ten times, I slipped on some dry clothes and headed to the bus. Despite all the fun I had, I always thought to myself ‘sailing is already in the past’. All the things that I waited for became present, then become memories in a blink of an eye. All the things I experienced suddenly turns into something I can only think about. This is getting to deep.

Thanks for reading for this long. I usually write 3/4 of this. Please comment to tell me what to improve on and what I should keep on doing. Blog you later.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Who Creates the Most Rubbish in the World?

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Hi everyone, today I searched in the internet finding facts about rubbish for inquiry. In the inquiry, we ask yourself some questions about rubbish and find the answer using the internet. My question was 'Who creates the most rubbish in the world"? While researching, the most challenging thing to do was to write the information in my own words. The answer is below the paragraph your reading and it's pretty sad. Please comment and tell me what I should improve on, thanks.

The country who makes the most rubbish is the United States. The United States produces around 236 million tons (21 billion kg) of waste each year! An average American throws away 7 pounds (3200 grams) of waste daily. The U.S absorbs 30% of the world’s resources despite only being the 5% of the world population. Also, the U.S produces 30% of the world’s waste. In a year, Americans throw away around 27 million tons (24 billion kg) of food, 9 million tons (775 million kg) of furniture and 6,330,000 tons (5742 million kg) of clothes and shoes. Sadly, 80% of all product that is produced in the U.S is only used once and then thrown away. Thank you for reading this and I'll see you later.

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