Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I'm an Artist at Aboriginal Art

Today my class are doing aboriginal art! Aboriginal art is a art where you use dots to color in everything, but what make this art special is that this art has been used thousands of years to communicate. Each symbol means something. They are also made to tell stories, here's how my story goes.

The story begins on a bright sunny day. Two dolphins were diving and darting through the waves. Suddenly  a big shadow blocked the light. Up above the ocean’s surface was a man and a woman armed with spears, hunting for dolphins.

The dolphins knew if they didn’t swim fast, they would be dolphin meat.

Diving around, they found some coral to hide, waiting nervously until the man and women left. Happily, they darted through the waves again.       

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Ocean Maker! DUN! DUN! DUN!!

Hi, what's this? It's my writing, yesterday we had to write a story based on a video. We only watched the first part of the video, and the rest? We had to make it up the rest. Then after the class wrote their story we watched the rest of the video, it was a lot different to my story (the difference is that I made the story better 😜). Read the story and then give me some feedback. Here's some questions. How can I improve? Is there any mistakes I made? Should I make this story longer or shorter? By the way there is a video you can watch.

“I am hopeless” I said to myself. I turned the plane to only see the abundant ships coated with golden sand and the wood scattered around the desert, rotting and starting to decay.

As I fly the plane longer more rusty ships dotted the desert and more rotting wood surrounded the ships. I am tired, hot and hopeless, I thought to myself. When all hope was gone a light caught my eye. Turned around to only see a lighthouse, it was the only thing standing tall in the lifeless place. Although it’s barely holding itself, somehow the light was still working.

I followed the light and saw what I was looking for days, a cloud. I immediately directed the plane to the cloud, after a few minutes I saw the ocean, Hope was building up. My thirst will end, I will finally re-experienced the feeling of the cool feeling on my skin.

Suddenly I realized I was heading straight into a storm, I tried to turn but it didn’t work, the steering wheel isn’t working. The thick clouds blocked the view of the sea, lightning bolts flashed in front of my eyes, the moisture in the clouds terrorised me with the cold. Everything was happening so fast. Unexpectedly the lightning bolt stabbed the plane.

I was frightened, scared, sick and cold. All my hopes are fading away leaving nothing but fear. I plummeted into the sea sinking down in the deep blue...           

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Complicated Maths(ミ ̄ー ̄ミ)

Challenge: What came first? The egg or the chicken?
Who think came first? The person who comments why the egg or chicken came first best will have their name in my next post!

Monday, September 18, 2017

What I am going to do this week (click for challenge)

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